I’m selling off excess product in my store. 50+% off many items and, for my lovely readers on social media and the blog, you can buy 5 cards for $5, which is, really $1 a card. Just contact me on Etsy and we’ll figure it all out together.

Tomorrow I’m going to be talking about why I’m putting everything on sale and explain some of the changes that are going to be happening around here.

I am excited to have signed up with Society6 to show off my designs and art. I love that I can see what they’ll look like in real life on real things. Envisioning what it’ll look like has always been one of the hardest things for me to do.

Seeing these items in the shop makes me really smile-y. Seeing people want to purchase them makes me even smiley-er (is that even a word?).

I hope that you sign up and follow my designs. I am so excited by this!

I have added some new items to my Etsy shop. There are three hand paint plant pots on the site. If you use the code ‘HPPTLH15’ you can receive 15% off any purchase in store. The code is valid until Sunday, 5th October 2014.

What do you think of these pretty little things?

A while ago, I posted a picture of a hand painted planter to my Instagram/Facebook and the feedback I received was amazing. I had been thinking about trying something new, doing new things and moving away from card making. One day, The Canadian came in from the shed declaring that he was throwing out some plant pots because they were too grungy, knowing that I am of a ‘waste not want not’ mentality, he asked if I had any ideas for them before they found their way to bin. Not one to turn down an opportunity to think outside the box, I grabbed them and got to work.

People have always commented on and ‘liked’ my work when I’ve shared it but this was different. All of a sudden, people who had previously been ambivalent about purchasing my art were now expressing interest in purchasing it.

I enjoyed the painting I had done on the large pot but it was a 10 hour investment and, at that moment, it wasn’t a viable option for selling.

I took some time, purchased little plant pots to paint, researched how to seal the paint on the pot and got to work.

I absolutely love the finished planters and I wasn’t sure about selling them because I adored them. The Canadian eventually persuaded me to sell them, so out came the camera and on came the click-click-click.

A few people have said that they’d love these plant pots but they’re not really into the idea of ‘planting’ things. These pots would be great for little succulents but they’re also good for:

  • hair slides, ties and clips
  • loose change and coins (thank you @dnam for that!)
  • nail polish, nail files, orange sticks
  • pens, crayons, colouring pencils (if, like me, you like having little pots of pens around the house)
  • little cat toys
  • jewellery
  • all manner of things!

Do you have any other ideas?

All these pots are available on sale now at The Lemon Hive Etsy Shop.

 I recently bought some Micron pens and I am in love! I didn’t think they would be as exciting as they actually are. I went ahead and bought the multi-pack of Micron pens. I love that I now have super fine and super thick pens that are waterproof and make my handwriting the best it will ever be. It’s like expensive, luxury make up. It does the same thing as other make ups, it’s still about having the right technique but somehow it all just looks better in the end.

What do you think of these cards? What colours would you use? Recently my line drawings stop at just line drawings, I seem to have developed and aversion to colour.  Sometimes less is more, right?

Surprise 13th birthday party invite, illustrated

What do you do for invitations when you want to throw a surprise 13th birthday party? Well, of course, you draw one.

My friend in town decided that 13 would be a good age to throw a surprise party for her daughter. She was a little stumped as to how to invite everyone and still keep it all one big secret. Time was a little tight when she approached me and discussed developing an invite, so I created a digital one, meaning that the invitation could be used on Facebook and e-mail.

It took about 5 hours to create and it allowed me to use up some of that good old digital painting knowledge that had been neglected.

What do you think of the final image? Age appropriate? It’s tough creating an invite for a girly who has no interested in “all things fluffy”.

Emeli Sande lyrics on hand drawn patterned wedding card by the lemon hive

Weddings are one of my favourite things to celebrate. I love that wedding cards are one of the most intimate and special items that can be given at a wedding. Most people keep their wedding cards to review time and again and it provides the perfect opportunity for me to really invest time and effort into the card and leave a lasting impression.

I loved spending the time on this detail and, for many months, it was blank. Then a friend in Edmonton told me that she was getting married and incorporating an old, vintage theme into her decor. This card took about 2 hours to complete and, I knew instantly, that I wanted her and her, now husband, to get this card. After listening to various love songs and came across this one by Emeli Sande. Her song seemed to fit their relationship perfectly.

Her album later came to inspire a whole host of art projects for the remainder of the autumn. I love it when a plan comes together.

I think this style would make a brilliant congratulations on your engagement, job promotion, graduation. I just love the potential that white on black offers.

Is it just me that keeps special and memorable cards, or do you too?

I have been working away like a fiend on my Etsy shop and it is now officially ready for Christmas and holiday business.

With these brand new features:

Now you can buy all your favourite cards from the lemon hive for even less! Each card is an original, hand painted or hand drawn notecard. These are not prints! They double up as art and look fabulous in a frame and they are individual. As unique as you and the recipient. Basically, they are a gift in themselves.

Why did I start creating hand painted cards?

Having moved to Canada and having left all of my friends and family behind me, I was finding it difficult to afford sending them gifts all the time. It wasn’t the gift itself but more the postage costs. I wanted to give them something they could frame, that would bring them joy when they picked it up at the post office or when it landed in their letterbox. It was frustrating not knowing where to start. So, eventually, I started making my own cards. Writing great words in them and expressing my gratitude for their continued existence in my life and for their friendship and love.

I received wonderful feedback about these cards. They became my go to for letting my loved ones know that I still missed them even if I couldn’t afford to send large fancy parcels of maple syrup.

I started working on my art technique and dabbling in different styles and it’s fair to say that now I definitely have a rhythm and a definitive style.

What makes the Lemon Hive Etsy Shop special?

Customisation. I will tweak, add to, make and design cards for you. I just completed a 130 Christmas card order for a bride in London. She wanted to have greetings cards at her reception that doubled up as place cards. It was a brilliant experience and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action.

I put customer service as a priority, with a 10 day turn around. It was intense but she received the cards within 2 weeks of ordering them.

Writing the cards is another service I offer. I am very mushy gushy by nature but I know this isn’t for everyone and it can be difficult to think of the write words (see what I did there? right/write?). I  am happy to chat with you about the recipient and pop it all into the card, posting directly to the person you miss. It saves you an extra postage cost and makes for a really awesome experience for the person receiving it.

How has been an expat affected your take on notecards?

I must admit, I didn’t really ‘do’ notecards before moving. Then my friends started sending me beautifully written notes and postcards. It was then that I realised I genuinely looked forward to ‘just because’ mail. I started decorating my envelopes and writing beautiful sentiments. I never throw a card away. They are all here in a, once little but now big, box in my office. Every now and then I look through them.

Expressing gratitude and greetings cards

Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about gratitude, what it can do for you and what it is. For those who are familiar with the 5 love languages, mine is words of affirmation. I like to express my love for others through telling them what they mean to me and why I think they’re fabulous. Being able to put this in something pretty and offer them a gift at the same time is part of what makes The Lemon Hive store so special. I want to broach that gap and be able to offer a great gift regardless of cost.

They’re also a great choice for secret santa gifts and they pair up nicely with a bottle of wine!

Black and White Mini Christmas Cards

Is it too early to start the discussion on Christmas cards? Probably but I’m going to do it anyway. Christmas is getting closer and I decided to make some Christmas cards. I will be putting them in my Etsy Shop today and tomorrow. This entire past weekend was focused on Christmas cards and Christmas. I’ve had Christmas carols bouncing around my head since Friday.

Not your traditional Christmas colours. Turquoise and Purple Christmas Collection

I have a seven packs of 10 to sell, each pack with it’s own individual colour scheme. Each pack costs $11 plus postage.

Red and Purple Christmas Collection

There are also large cards for sale too with a discount code (buy 2 get the 3rd for free) available if you enter this code at the checkout LH3for2 (this code cannot be used with the multi packs).

Each card in my shop is hand drawn, hand painted or a mixture of the two. They are not prints and are definitely one of a kind items. I spent all weekend making, photographing and writing up my Etsy products and I’m really impressed with how the finished product looks.

Is there a design or type of card that you would like to see? What else would you like to see in the shop?

A very merry collection: yellow and turquoise Christmas collection

I have included a nice new footer on my blog (see the bottom), which will enable you to check out my wares whenever you drop by. Clicking an image will take you straight to the shop where you can explore even more items.

What do you think? Is this your style?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Etsy shop but it’s not from a lack of hard work.  I have updated the listings in the Etsy shop. There are new cards, many of them hand painted.

original hand painted greetings cards

This time around, I’ve focused on the things that make me happy. There are still many cards for special occasions and events, but I made a special effort to ensure that I included greetings cards for every occasion. I thoroughly enjoy receiving cards from friends ‘just because…’, it’s the best feeling and they usually have the most sentiment, so I introduced some to my collection.

original hand painted greetings cards

Self doubt and not feeling as though I ‘fit in’ is often something that plagues me. This is why these two cards below were really important to me.

original hand painted greetings cards

original hand painted greetings cards

original hand painted greetings cards

And, just because you came here, I am offering a special discount code. LH3FOR2 will allow you to buy 3 cards for the price of 2.

original hand painted greetings cards

What other types of cards would you like to see in The Lemon Hive Etsy shop?