In 2012, I drove around Lake Superior, which really was one of the most fantastic journeys I’ve ever been on. Talk about breathtaking.

A year later, when I was just starting to take an interest in drawing again, I decided to sketch an image of a -meh- photo I had taken.

The ink sketch was ok, but it was lacking something, so a few months later, I started incorporating ink and acrylic into the drawing.

It’s not completed yet (because I am scared) and not really sure how to finish the top part. Any suggestions, should I just wash it with ink, should I build more into the boat? The biggest barrier is that I am not particularly confident when it comes to detailing vehicles, people etc. If it’s a rock or a landscape then I can use my imagination and interpret it in whatever way I’d like, but that doesn’t work the same with, ya know, boats. Thoughts?


It’s Halloween! Nearly.

I am dressing up and touring the neighbourhood as Cruella D’Evil. Black and white cocktail dress, talcum powder in my hair and wicked make up. It’s going to be fabulous. Presuming the snow stays away and it’s not too cold. Otherwise, I will be going as a sleeping bag.

A few weekends ago, I went in search of a pumpkin to carve. I came back with 5. I thought it would be easy, it turns out that my mum really used to do most of the manual labour for this when I was younger and, therefore, gave me an unrealistic impression of how boring pumpkin carving is! Thanks mum!

Watermelons or pumpkins…you decide.

The Canadian and I spent a great part of last weekend carving 2 pumpkins. There was one large and one small. And both were equally tiresome to clean out and carve. We had 5 pumpkins and I was bored after two. I wasn’t really sure what to do to ensure that the other purchases had been worthwhile. I really wanted to use these for Halloween!

I was doing my daily exploration of blog posts when I came across the Boo pumpkin at Life Over Easy (fabulous blog by the way!). I loved the idea of sticking letters on a pumpkin but I was still a little stumped because I didn’t want to buy letters. In the end, it was going to the pet store, where an overzealous assistant had painted and branded a pumpkin to match the stores logo. I asked her what she’d used only to learn that acrylic paint does a really brilliant job of sticking to pumpkins. What’s better is that you’re not actually wasting pumpkin when you do this. So here’s the last minute idea for pumpkin decorating:

Last Minute DIY Pumpkin Decorating


A pumpkin


Black and white acrylic paint

Paintbrush (quite a small one) 


I started off by searching the internet to get inspiration. Try looking for “Pumpkin Silhouettes”.

After I’d found one that struck my fancy, I outlined it with pencil on the pumpkin itself.

I then painted within the lines, embellishing as I went.

Tip: I found that having separate paintbrushes for each colour meant I could work faster, as there was no need for washing the brush in between colours.

Tip: I loved the dollar store paint because it dried really fast. Nothing worse than getting paint all over the counter!

These are the results, what do you think? Which is your favourite?

We’re going to be hosting a really awesome giveaway this Friday, so be sure to stay tuned!

I have only recently become interesting in art journalling. I have scoured Pinterest for drawing inspiration and art journals, from this I have developed an interest in scrapbooking techniques and development. If you want to look at the collection I’ve developed on Pinterest you can find it here.

I’ve spent some time developing a style. I spent ages reading things like ‘the only way to get good at something is to do it’ or ‘practice makes perfect’ etc, and I rolled my eyes and huffed and puffed because I wanted to learn by looking and reading not by doing. Eventually, I had to admit that it was true. I had to just do it, so I did. I found that it’s really hard to know where to start, so I developed this little guide to help you on your journey to ‘just doing it’!