Making Posters and Drawing for Information Purposes

I’ve mentioned before that I have a day job, whereby I usually end up doing all kinds of fun and creative things with some really lovely people. My background is in mental health and I’ve recently found myself working in the developmental services field. It was shocking to discover that there weren’t a lot of creative and hobby building workshops on offer that catered to those with developmental diagnoses. I spoke with my supervisor about this and we decided to try and set some up for the local area. I’m hoping that it’ll be really successful and, although I am not going to use this space to talk about my job in depth or discuss what I do there, I did want to share this little something with you.

As I am incredibly passionate about what I do and the workshops I am creating, I took time out of my personal life and made this poster for one of the courses I’ve created.

I don’t often create posters or informational products, so it was definitely new. Being new to this, it was tricky to know where to start and I didn’t have a clue! So, I decided to approach it with the same methods I use to create cards and postcards; I sketched it out. And, when I say sketched, I mean I used a Sharpie marker because sketching with anything else would have had me all details and no overall concept. As The Canadian has often said “it’s not that you can’t see the forest for the trees, it’s that you can’t see the trees because of the leaves”.

In the end, I didn’t really like the sketched effect for everything but I did want to incorporate some hand drawing into the poster. I scanned in some sketches and I mixed it in with some good ole paint, some of my old photographs, and some fun text. I actually like the overall image. It took me half a day to do it up because I went in lots of different directions initially but I had fun doing it and that’s what counts.

If you click on the image below you’ll be able to see a bigger version. Let me know what you think. How would you improve this?

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