Sticky Summer Days and Stormy Evenings

Muggy sticky days are all that have been happening lately. I made it home on Tuesday in time to watch the big storm clouds break out. Living in England, I’d never before experienced the physical relief that a storm brings. The epic thunder storms we have here are one of my favourite things about this country. It’s times like this when I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful bay windows we have in the back.

I haven’t been using my camera all that much lately until a friend asked me about it and I realised I had to start taking more. There is something so delightful about taking photographs of memories, it’s been a bit of a struggle finding a balance between being in the moment and documenting it. Focusing on the moment has meant there are less photos to sift through afterwards, which is always good in my books! I think the Canadian would disagree, as you can see, he puts on his bored face when I pull out the camera. I enjoy that his bored face looks similar to a thoughtful face because then he makes for the best candid subject.

Am I alone in my love of storms?

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