I am excellent at taking photographs. I am not so good at sharing them. These past 6 months have been no exception, so here’s a bit of a catch up on what’s been happening:

1. Cute Christmas presents from my mum/ Christmas tree decorations/ the cutest of kitties. 2. learning first aid (I’m a qualified first aider, don’t cha know?)/ enjoying a christmas present that happens to be a minnie mouse onesie because I’m cool like that/ I taught myself to knit this past year. I’m not very good but I do enjoy it immensely/ this past winter was one of the worst winters in this area (according to those who have lived around here long enough to know things like this), it was very, very snowy. 3. my hair is now long enough to put into side french plaits (braids), it makes me feel like a little girl to braid my hair in this way as it was the only way to control the unruly when I was younger. 4. The Canadian persuaded me to try smoking a cigar, I wasn’t very good at it and I don’t think I can say I’ve even tried it yet because it went out before I inhaled. This is a hashtag moment right? #justnotcoolenough. 5. I’m trying to read this book again, but I’m not getting anywhere with it. 6. Canadian mother’s day consisted of 5 hours of baking and making sandwiches, tarts, honey cake and pasta bakes. It was well received and I think that means I’m eligible for the best daughter in law of the year award. 7. The Canadian is good at getting seeds to do their thang, I am good at keeping them alive and growing #teamwork! This year our bay windows are filled with lavender, leeks, peppers, beets, cilantro, oregano, mint, basil, tomatoes, chillies and something else, but I’ve forgotten already! 8.I hang out with this fellow a lot. 9. The Canadian and I played a lot of chess this past winter. 10. I really wasn’t lying about hanging out with this guy! He’s the best and, better yet, he patiently waits while I take his picture. So malleable.