End of Autumn and Drying Fresh Birch for Crafts

converse shoes against leaves

birch discs being cut

composting leaves in black bags

shovel against the mud

the lemonhive birch wood pile

Winter is right around the corner. I am starting to feel the cold and the other day, The Canadian woke me up when he was scraping ice off the car. Ok, so the noise woke me up, but feeling sad that his day had started so badly kept me awake. We’ve recently had some trees chopped down in the back garden. Just in time too, as they were pretty unstable and last week saw some vicious winds that blew over our fence (!), I’d hate to have seen what it would have done to the weak trees had they still been standing.

We have a whole pile of leaves that we’ve been bagging up for composting. Apparently black bags allow leaves to compost slowly, not sure how true this is but since we have a 6′ pile of leaves in the back garden, I’m willing to give it a go.

The Canadian kindly made discs of birch for me to practice painting on, but in the meantime, I have to figure out how to cure them properly. I found a microwave method but I’m a bit wary about putting wood in the oven let alone the microwave! Does anyone have any tips? I do not have a wood kiln and do not fancy waiting up to 18 months for them to get a 12% water/air balance. They’re about 1-2cm depth by 6cm x 8cm. So far, I’ve popped them into brown paper bags and left them in a warm place, apparently this will help.

Even if I don’t get any answers, I really enjoyed myself doing things in the garden. It’s a big deal for me to put myself at risk of spider contact. All you arachnophobes will know what I’m sayin!

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