Lessons in videography and a week in my life

Last week, I decided to film my entire doings. Well, some of them. It turns out I’m not so good at remembering and I wasn’t quite at the stage to remember to film everything. BUT film it I did.

Here is my first video!

Tips for your video:

  • Video files are massive, upload regularly.
  • Make sure you have iMovie or another good editing software.
  • Samsung Galaxy 3 (I think that’s what I have) basic camera does not make it easy to edit from portrait to landscape. Choose an angle and stick to it.
  • iMovie takes a bit of getting used, as does figuring all the nuances out. Google is your friend, as are the Apple forums (surprisingly, because I don’t often use those).
  • Have some fun, it’s not serious, it’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t work out, and it’s ok not to be perfect.

I remember when I first started using Photoshop. I was appallingly bad, I’m sure that right now I’m not all that much better, but over the last year I have improved from novice to beginner-intermediate and it was worth every effort. I’m sure once I get over the confusion of iMovie and get my head around filming video it’ll become easier for me. Until then, I hope you enjoyed it and didn’t get too nauseous flipping between portrait and landscape.

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