Another Sketchbook Review

I have lots of sketchbooks and notebooks all over my house. I use them to practice new techniques, inks, pens, pencils and charcoals and to jot down some of my thoughts and feelings. I guess in some ways they are art journals but in other ways they are just a place for me to practice, practice, practice.

Here is the art book I bought in the UK when I was there in the Spring. It hasn’t seen as much action as the other art books but here are a few sample pages.


The three images above were practice productions. (1) I was trying out a new pen, (2 and 3) I was using up left over paint. There’s something very, very wrong about wasting paint.


A two hour train jouney from Leeds to Manchester and then somewhere else (Bradbury, I believe) for my close friend’s 25th birthday. My fingers were freezing. I forgot how cold England can be and there’s something about train stations that make the weather feel worse…is it just me that experiences that?

The last two are a result of exploring patterns and potential wedding care covers. They were quick and fun.

Do you have an art book? Do you use it for a specific thing, or do you just put down whatever pops into your head?

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