Making the Perfect Honey Cake – Yum!

When I was very little, my mum used to read Miss Poppy and the Honey Cake to me, which is the best book in the history of the world.

We often baked the cake and it was always a bit of a disappointment. It never really looked like the illustration and the taste never quite lived up to what I wanted it to be – not my mum’s fault at all, as she is a rather excellent baker, instead, I choose to blame the recipe in the storybook. Seeing as I’ve been obsessed with food recently¬†, it seemed only right that I fully look up a way to make this bloomin’ honey cake.

Hello Google and Hello Smitten Kitchen. I read her article in depth and realised that I wasn’t alone in bad honey cake experiences. Having finally completed SK recipe, I can also honestly say that it was the best cake I’ve ever made! Just don’t make the mistake I did, it says tsps of cinnamon NOT tbsp! Although, if you do use tbsp, it really doesn’t taste so bad.

We took it to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner and she insisted on keeping it, so I had few pictures to share. It’s really yummy though and a good recipe for some weekend baking.

¬†A few days ago, I spoke with a great friend in Edmonton who gave me a brilliant recipe for peanut chocolate crisps. They are super dooper easy to make and, if I get her permission, I’ll type it up here, but here’s a sneak preview at the results:

Are you a baker? Where do you get your cooking inspiration from? Are you a recipe follower or a throw things in a bowl and see where it goes person?

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