Practicing with Coloured Pencils

When I first purchased my sketchbook I practiced with pattern. Using inspiration I found on Pinterest, I combined, copied* and developed my own style.
Pattern inspiration: Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right. Pasta drawing was just practice.

I started studying other people’s work, and then, I moved on to drawing what I could see. Namely, pasta and fruit. It was really rewarding to see my drawing style develop and to practice different techniques.

Fruit Inspiration: Pineapples, Cherries

Personally, I love ink. Any ink. Ball point pen, biros, expensive flowy ink pens, felt tip pens. I love being able to build texture and detail. Pen has always been my thang.

Then I decided to get brave and start using coloured pencil. Something that I had never really done before. Colour scares me, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed using colour so much that I kept going, I started adding colour to everything and using colour to further develop textures, depth and detail.

I am really enjoying the development that I’m seeing and it makes me really proud. It’s so tricky to start practicing a skill that has been dormant for so long, but it has been worth it.
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* Personally, I believe copying is a good thing, especially when you’re starting out. It allows you to practice rather than be creative, which are two daunting things when you’re starting to draw again. I am not suggesting that you copy and sell your work or even claim it to be your own, I am saying that you should look to other people’s work, try out their moves on paper and develop it into your own. Never take credit for work and ideas that are not your own. It’s just not cool!

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