Canada Road Trip Series: Manitoba

Manitoba Facts:
Provincial Flower: Prairie Crocus
Provincial Bird: Great Gray Owl
Provincial Tree: White Spruce


We arrived late into Manitoba. Having visited Manitoba in the winter of 2010, we hadn’t planned to spend much time in the province during our cross-country road trip. The day we arrived, we were met with thunder and heavy rain. After settling into the hotel, we went out for dinner at a rather posh restaurant and relaxed for the first time on our journey.
The next day, we met up with The Canadian’s old school friend and enjoyed an afternoon with him before exploring some of the downtown delights of Winnipeg.
Before crossing the provincial border for our Ontario section of our road trip, we stopped in Falcon Park and enjoyed the last of the flat land and rolling clouds. The weather was beautiful and provided a fitting day to say goodbye to the prairies.
If you’re in Winnipeg on your road trip, or any visit for that matter, be sure to drop by the Winnipeg zoo, which is fantastic. We visited that in the dead of winter, and minus the -40 C cold, we had a fantastic time, as a bonus all the sensible visitors had stayed away so we had the park to ourselves. Other things to do in Winnipeg, when you’re short of time and looking for ‘free’ or cheap days, include visiting the British sweetie shop, Candy Mountain, located in an old train carriage in “The Forks”. The Forks also houses a mall, which is definitely worth a wander.
I’ve broken our Canada road trip into a series of blog posts, which can be found here:
What are your tips for making a mundane trip into an adventure? Do you have any road trip hints and tips for smooth travel?
In 2012, I travelled across 3 Canadian provinces and completed my first major ‘road trip’. Road trips are a new concept to me, so my excitement was intense. Follow the Road Trip Journey and discover places to visit and enjoy in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, as well as hints and tips on the best way to make a road trip romantic, enjoy each others company and find great photo opportunities


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