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honeymoon road trip Canada

In 2013, we were informed that we were to be posted from Edmonton, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario. We flew out, scoured real estate and ended up deciding to live in Prescott, Ontario. Upon returning to Edmonton, we entered a whirlwind of packing, organising and planning.
We are not very good at turning down the opportunity to turn any event into an adventure, so we decided to drive the 3,000+ km to Prescott. Ultimately, turning a mundane moving trip into a belated honeymoon-getaway road trip experience. Despite having been told that we could do the drive in 48 hours through the USA, we opted for a comparatively leisurely 9 days through Canada.
Camera in hand, we started our first real adventure since getting married. We took an alternative route, going south from Edmonton and then up through Ontario. We stuck close to water sources and went off the beaten track to find waterfalls, lakes and hiking trails, at one point we found ourselves scaling a rocky edge of a very choppy Lake Superior.
We baked in the hot sun and played catch with storm clouds. The journey was amazing and, although we arrived in Prescott stiff, tired and adrenaline filled, we were delighted to have taken this trip together. Exploring some of the most beautiful areas of Canada with each other has, thus far, been one of the most pleasurable aspects of our married life.
If some countries have too much history we have too much geography w.l. mckenzie king canada quote
I’ve broken our Canada road trip into a series of blog posts, which can be found here:
Canada Road Trip Series
What are your tips for making a mundane trip into an adventure? Do you have any road trip hints and tips for smooth travel?
In 2012, I travelled across 3 Canadian provinces and completed my first major ‘road trip’. Road trips are a new concept to me, so my excitement was intense. Follow the Road Trip Journey and discover places to visit and enjoy in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, as well as hints and tips on the best way to make a road trip romantic, enjoy each others company and find great photo opportunities


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