Canada Road Trip Series: Alberta

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Alberta Facts: 
Provincial Flower: Wild Rose
Provincial Bird: Great Horned Owl
Provincial Tree: Lodge Pine Tree


For 2 years, we lived in Edmonton, Alberta. Our first house was home to many exciting firsts. We experienced condo living (boo!), living next to dreadful neighbours, and a whole host of military induced experiences (including a deployment).
Giggling on the bathroom floor after eating too many gummy bears is one of my best memories, as was the road trip around Alberta, after the Canadian returned from Afghanistan. Although, The Canadian will probably argue that the time I fostered 1 cat and 8 kittens for 6 weeks was up there on the list of memories (sorry!).
Leaving Edmonton was bittersweet, we had made some amazing friends and great connections. We were close to mountains and had may a great time exploring the smaller towns of Alberta. However, we were ready to move on, having found Alberta too restrictive for our own personal tastes, we desperately wanted to be posted to Ontario. We decided to drive to Ottawa and kept our road trip to within Canada. Often people decide to drive the U.S., however, this was my first time to explore Canada properly and I didn’t want to to turn down the opportunity to see my new country in its entirety.
military move from Alberta to Ontario
Alberta collagedrumheller alberta road trip
Alberta is a beautiful province, filled with absolutely breathtaking scenery (don’t worry, there’s also a lot of bland scenery to balance it out!). If you’re ever in Alberta, be sure to visit Calgary zoo, drive the Iceland Parkway, explore the trails surrounding Lake Louise and Jasper, have a photograph taken outside the world’s largest dinosaur structure in Drumheller, visit the hoodoos and generally get lost amongst the great expanse of fields and greenery (in the summer!). I would recommend an Alberta road trip to anyone who wanted to see natural beauty.
Where would be your ‘go to’ places in Alberta? Do you have any ‘must dos’ for road trips that keep you from divorcing?
I’ve broken our Canada road trip into a series of blog posts, which can be found here:
What are your tips for making a mundane trip into an adventure? Do you have any road trip hints and tips for smooth travel?
In 2012, I travelled across 3 Canadian provinces and completed my first major ‘road trip’. Road trips are a new concept to me, so my excitement was intense. Follow the Road Trip Journey and discover places to visit and enjoy in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, as well as hints and tips on the best way to make a road trip romantic, enjoy each others company and find great photo opportunities


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