England Visits

I am in England.

Pinching myself because it doesn’t feel very real.

It took so long to get here. It’s been such a crazy visit and trip.

First there was a snow storm in Ottawa, which meant my flight was cancelled, which led to a whole host of events including:

– queuing for an hour to get a taxi

– the taxi driver leaving me at the end of a driveway whilst I pulled one 28kg suitcase and carried two 10kg bags through 2 feet of snow, all while wearing canvas shoes

– I spent more time in an airport and eventually managed to get to Frankfurt where it became evident that someone had forgotten to book me on the connecting flight to England. So, I waited, only to discover that I wasn’t booked on the second connection either.

– There may have been a scary look on my face because I was quickly put on the second connection.

By the time I landed in England I was beyond tired and grumpy but I’m glad to be here! The downside of this is that I haven’t been as attentive as I wanted to be with this blog, my services, and my part time job. I think that eventually that will get back on track. Thanks for being patient.

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